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lørdag 29. mars 2008

Og vinneren er.../And the winner is...

Thank you so much for all your nice comments for my anniversary, I do so appriciate all of them!
The draw to my anniversary post is done, and the winner is:
Catta has a great blog where she let us in to her life with cats and horses, the life after a bike/car accident, and she shares a lot of thoughts about life. Too bad the blog is only in Norwegian because this one is really worth reading.
As far as I know she do not knit, crochet or sew so I will keep the yarn and fabric to myself, but she has a lot of other talents so I will come up with a suitable gift for sure. But No, even if I know you wish for one Catta, you will not get a horse!
Please email me your adress on toneabatgmaildotcom.
For enkelhetens skyld er denne posten kun på engelsk, håper dere kan bære over for en gangs skyld. På en dag hvor både øyne og hjerne går i kryss må det ofte gjøres lettvindt og i dag er det desverre bloggen det går ut over.